All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
The mind is everything. What we think, we become.
— Buddha

Does it feel like some invisible hand’s been holding you back from what you want to achieve? You’ve been taking action, yet you just don’t seem to get anywhere.

What’s been happening is your subconscious is not really on board with that goal you’re been working on. We often get so excited thinking about our goal then race off in pursuit of it, that it we don’t get valuable input from our whole team about the goal. We forget that our conscious mind, that part of our mind we’re so familiar with accounts for only about 10% of our total mind team. Yes, I said team, our subconscious is part of our mind team and accounts for the remaining 90% of our total mind.

Imagine a small business and the business owner has decided on a goal of creating an exciting new product. Monday morning comes and he sets off to work on creating the new product. He doesn’t get any input or alignment towards his goal from his personal 9-person team. After 1 year and many late nights there’s not much to show for all of that time and effort.

If you’ve got a goal and aren’t getting anywhere with it, this is where I can help. I help you to get in touch and aligned with your subconscious team. Then using input from your subconscious team and with my proven 5-step process and me coaching you, your consistent action results in you crossing the finish line to celebrate achieving your goal.

Imagine the small business example if the business owner had involved and aligned his 9-person team in helping to create the new product. Do you think it possible it would have resulted in much greater progress? If you do then book a free session with me and let’s have a chat about that goal of yours.

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What is Life Coaching?

You’ll probably be familiar with how Sports Coaches tell individuals or teams what to do to improve performance.

A Life Coach is a little different as Life Coach, I look to you as the subject matter expert on yourself. My role is to hold the torch for you so that you can go digging in search of your solutions.

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Coaching isn’t Therapy.
It’s product development with You as the product!

— Fast Company

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