About Leonard

Great things are done
by a series of small things
brought together.

— Vincent Van Gogh

My love of coaching people comes from me not knowing what I wanted to do after left school. I knew what my parents wanted me to do and I just accepted it. I had simply hadn’t questioned if it was for me. I soon discovered that the career my parents wanted me to do really wasn’t for me.

I personally believe that everyone deserves to live their life as their best version of themselves.

Since then I have spent decades in many different jobs and over 29 years studying various personal development practices. This has help me to get clear on what really inspires me as a career that is helping people to live inspired lives.

I feel inspired when I am helping empower someone like yourself. Someone who is committed to taking action that moves them forward with their life. Perhaps you’re been feeling stuck, or unsure about something in your life. Partnering together, we’d explore what is in your way, and find the actions you’ll take to move forward and live your better life. I particularly love working with people who may be feeling unfulfilled in their careers and are considering a career sea change.

There are no straight lines to SUCCESS.
— Dr. Barry Morguelan

Like so many people there were some elements of my childhood which at the time I saw as less than ideal. Rather than choosing to dwell on them and allow them to limit and hold me back. I have sort to learn and grow from them and use them to propel me forward. It’s taken me on a diverse and interesting journey in the process. For over half my life, I’ve been actively exploring the personal transformation and biohacking space. I’m constantly integrating the best practices I find into what I personally do to further transform and improve my own performance.

I’m very much an action-oriented person and derive much of my fulfillment from the pursuit of doing things. Particularly when it comes to learning new things that have the potential to help me transform. I’m constantly applying and adapting what I am learning into my life. So, I can further improve myself mentally and physically, becoming an even better version of myself and increase the level of service I am able to provide. I haven’t yet found any limits in my own ability to transform and improve myself.

We rise to great heights
by a winding staircase
of small steps.

— Francis Bacon